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How to update Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG super programmer

VVDI-PROG super programmer is the new released programmer for Xhorse company to program ECU, MCU, EEPROM. Xhorse release new software very fast. For this VVDI-PROG, it new release V3.4.0 software on 2015-09-20.


Here is the update information:

V3.4.0 VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG super programmer software free download


V3.4.0 software update (2015-09-10):

* This version DON’t need update


+ Add Porsche BCM (1L15Y/2M25J/5M48H)


+ Add MC9S12XEQ512,MC9S12XET512

  options in <2-MCU>–>Motorola

+ Add BENZ EIS-W203 in


* Fix some display BUGs in English


* Change the name of upgrade button

  as “Start Firmware Upgrade”

* Change the Voltage name as “VCC”,


How to update Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG super programmer

1) Connect the device with the USB wire for the computer

2) Click on the following start online upgrade button to upgrade

3) Waiting for the upgrade to complete


More information:

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