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Change Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 CF30 laptop power-on password

Porsche dealer OBD diagnostic system PIWIS Tester II comes with second-hand Panasonic CF30 laptop (with default power-on password). Here are the instruction on resetting CF30 ToughBook password and unlock BIOS password. 


Change Porsche PIWIS 2 CF30 power-on password:

1) Open CF30 laptop 

There is a label with initial power-on password on the Panasonic CF30 laptop. E,g piwis-4567 or piwis-3456


2. Start up the laptop 

3. Enter the initial password 


4. Press F10 to reset the password 

5. Enter/Input the initial password directly 

(Note: Do not press “Caps Lock” or any other keys)

6. Enter the new password in the first blank 

7. Confirm the value entered in second blank 


8. Enter new password again 


9. Then press “Enter” to run Porsche PIWIS software 

10. Wait a few minutes for the software to start 


11. Piwis software is pre-installed, directly run and diagnose/program. 


Unlock CF30/CF series BIOS password:

If you need bios password for CF series when enter Porsche tester, it’s very hard to crack the hard disc password, bios requires intrusion inside the toughbook. 


Please send the ID beside the hard case to us, then connect the laptop with internet, because it needs

the factory to do authorization.



We are against unlocking/resetting/removing CF30 BIOS password for Porsche piwis. We are not responsible for the damage. But if you insist, here are some document references provided. 


How to Reset the BIOS Password on a Panasonic CF-30?

Resetting the password on your Panasonic CF-30 computer BIOS can be accomplished by selecting a very specific option within the BIOS setup program. You must know the password that has been placed on the BIOS to gain access. Once you have accessed this setup program, the entire password resetting process will only take a few minutes.



1. Turn on your Panasonic CF-30. If your computer is already on, restart it.

2. Look for the word "BIOS" listed on screen just below the Panasonic logo during your computer's boot process. Next to the word BIOS will be the label of a keyboard key. Press the key on your keyboard that is listed on screen to load your Panasonic CF-30 BIOS.

3. Highlight "User Password" and hit "Enter."

4. Remove the value listed in the "Password" box on screen. The Panasonic CF-30 did not ship with a password protecting the BIOS, so resetting the password involves removing it entirely.

5. Use the "F10" keyboard key to save the changes you've made to your Panasonic CF-30 BIOS and restart your computer.


Another DIY method of unlock CF29 BIOS password.

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