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How to activate MB Star Diagnosis Smart TAN Code software

Mercedes Benz Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 or Super MB Star C3 Dell/External HDD comes with a series of software DAS/Xentry/EPC/WIS etc and Smart TAN Code software. 


The function of the Smart TAN code is to open special function in DAS program with all Smart cars 450/451/452/454.


Smart TAN Code software allows you to create:

Teach in keys

Softouch Codes

Steering Wheel Gearshift Codes

Cruise Control Codes

Equipment Codes

Brabus Performance Tuning Codes

Print and share the log file etc.


If you need to use the DAS program special functions for Smart cars, you need to order the 

Item No: SS27 DAS SMART Calculator with CD and USB key to activate the Smart TAN Code software. This generator will give you full Tan Code access to ALL new and old versions of DAS. The Smart code generator now is available in for €12 free shipping. 


How to use the DAS Smart TAN Code calculator?/How to activate the Smart TAN Code software?

1) Insert the CD into PC 

2) Insert the USB dongle to PC via USB port 

3) Open the software 

4) Entering ID will give you the TAN codes (format:2EBR-T175-D5TS)

5) Then enter the code to using special functions




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