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VVDIProg 2.1.0 programmer Free Download and Installation

VVDI Prog ECU programmer 2.1.0 is available in The VVDIProg is designed to program multi EEPROM, MCU and ECUs. It adds BMW ECU read& write and pin code calculator for multi-brand vehicle models.


Free download VVDIProg 2.1.0 software driver!O8UUgDDa!dEWkvUNYN9q-oMFg359faeSjyYZM5Q...


How to install VVDIProg 2.1.0 software?

1) Install VVDIProg 2.1.0 driver 

Insert DVD to computer 

Open My Computer 

Open VVDIProg2.1 (E:) DVD


Copy and paste VVDIProg folder to desktop 

Connect the VVDI prog programmer with computer via USB port

Wait the system to found hardware wizard 

Select “Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next”


Include this location in the search C:/Documents and 

Settings/Adminnistrator/Desktop/VVDIProg/driver/ft232, click “OK” and “Next”


Click “Finish”

Install driver follow the previous instructions again 

Select “Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next”

Click “Next”

Click “Finish”


Open My Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Ports>>USB Serial Port (COM4) to check well communication is built


2) Run VVDIPROG V2.1.0 software 

Open VVDIProg folder on desktop 

Open VVDIProg software 


Click “Language” tab to exchange language between English and Chinese 


Select ECU type and chip type from the list 

The VVDIProg software will prompt which cable/connector is going to be used


Click “Connection diagram” button 

Click “New” tab 

Click “Read”

The software will display EEPROM data 


Click “Save”, save the bin file to desktop and name it 93c66, click Save 


Create a new window

Select other ECU type and chip type 

The system will also prompt which cable to use and the detail diagram 


Select other function and follow the system prompts.

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