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K-Tag KTM100 FWV7.003 Connection error E000079 (Fixed)

KTAG K-TAG KTM100 V2.13 firmware V7.003 ECU Programming Tool Master Version connection error (E000079) solution is provided below. 



After well installed the Ktag KTM100 V2.13 software on Win XP laptop and tried to select ECU to read and write. The software displays no ECU options under “Option” tab (all options are in gray). Meanwhile, the KTM100 software reported an error:


Interface connected…

Firmware Version: v7.3 build:0000

Error 【E000079】Customer Code Invalid”


Possible reason & Solution: engineer has worked out the solution and verified working by our customer. 


Possible causes:

1.Internet connection have not been disabled

2.Ktag driver is not well installed 

3.There is no power supply fed to the Ktag ecu programmer 

4.TF card and Shrapnel has poor connection 



1.Please disable internet/network connection before installing software. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

2. Make sure Ktag KTM100 driver is well installed. 

Open My Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>DimSport-New Trasdata Device to check the good communication between K-tag and computer. 


Software driver installation video to refer:


3.Make sure there is a power supply fed to the Ktag ECU tuning kit. 

4.If all the previous conditions are no problem, then the problem lies on the TF card. Make the shrapnel firmly attached to the TF card. 


In our customer’s case, the TF card is loose connection. He higher the shrapnel to make it firmly attached to the TF card, then the problem was solved.

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