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FAQ CarProg full v7.28 airbag reset tool

Frequently asked question gathered of CarProg v7.28 full version airbag reset tool. 


Q: My Carprog full V7.28 kept displaying “Enter password” error message, how to solve it?


A: Your carprog has not been authorized. Try to use the older version software v4.1, v5.3 or v6.8 

You can download carprog V6.8 software here:


Q: Can CarProg full read 93xx series EEPROM?

A: Yes, it can. 


Q: After connect the carprog and solder chip, the caprog full software first displayed “Error: Unknown unit already running”, and then “No chip detected” error.



A: Chip has not been properly soldered.

Note: 24c*** chip cannot be programmed by carprog clone. You can not select chip in odometer correction function either. 


Q: I have broken the CarProg CD in the package. Can you send me the free software?

A: Yes, Carprog V7.28 driver software and user manual can be free downloaded here:


Q: Carprog display “164-units left

Connect update Server to synchronize” error


A: The function is not supported by carprog clone. 


Q: I was able to open the carprog v7.28 software, but it did not work?

A: Select programming EEPROM 93c46 to tell whether the device is working or not. 


Q: Carprog display “235-units left

Connect update Server to synchronize.” Error?


A: The carprog clone cannot do odometer correction 


Q: Does this carprog program 24c04 chip?

A: Sorry, the carprog does not support 24c**series. 


Q: I installed carprog v7.28 on win xp laptop, but the software displays “no device detected” error, I have changes another 4 laptops, but still not work. 



A: Change another USB cable and connect it with power supply. If still not working, send the carprog main unit back to repair. 


Q: After connect carprog 7.28 ecu programmer with antenna, the system popped up “antenna not connected” error, how to fix it?


A: The function is not supported by carprog clone. Clone carprog work good on airbag reset function.

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