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How to upgrade to VCM II IDS V96?

VCM II IDS V96 new features: 

Release R96 includes software for the IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) tool. Diagnostic coverage includes most 1996 - 2016 MY (produced 1995 - 2015) Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles. 

Coverage has been extended with the following additions:


Model additons

North America

      2015 GT350/GT350R

      2016 GT350/GT350R

      2016 Mustang

      2016 Fiesta

      2016 Transit Connect



Model additions

Rest of World

       2015 Everest (Thailand)

       2016 Navigator (China)

       2015 Figo (India)

       2015 Everest (FSAO)

       2016 Focus (AP)

       2016 EcoSport (FSAO)

       2016 Ka (FSAO)

       2016 Taurus (China)

       2016 Mustang (China) 

Note: IDS V96 is not confirmed working with all available VCM II in China market, so the above extended vehicle coverage is only for reference. 


Which VCM II hardware that IDS V96 is compatible with?

Recently, IDS V96 is verified working well on China VCM II hardware. Take the VCM II from for example; this site is available with a dozen of VCM II hardware:  

They range from €119 - €209 + shipping. 

The workable VCM II hardware:

Item No. SP177-1

Item No. SP177-C

Item No. SP177-C1

Item No. SP177-C2

Item No. SP177-D

Item No. SP177-DB

Item No. SP177-E

Item No. SP177-F

Item No. SP177-FB

Item No. SP177-G

Note: VCM II interface with WIFI is compatible with IDS V96, but if you want to run IDS V96 on the WIFI VCM II, the WIFI function will be disabled; and if you want the WIFI function, you have to run IDS engineer record both IDS V96 and IDS V86 into one CD, you are free to choose any of version to use.


How to upgrade to VCM II IDS V96?

To upgrade from the old version to IDS V96, the user is advised to ship back VCM II multiplexer to, then get the multiplexer reworked the new chip, the upgrade charge 20USD + shipping cost. 


Note: only the VCM II with newest serial number is able to upgrade. VCM II with serial number 31605352 can't upgrade because it's locked.






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