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How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 2.2.3 software for Volkswagen Audi

This post is contained by two parts, the first part list all the available version of ODIS 2.2.3 software for VW Audi works with VAS 5054A, the second part step by step show how to install ODIS 2.2.3. 


All available version of ODIS 2.2.3 software

ODIS 2.2.3 is confirmed working well, and available with both USB flash disk version and the cheaper CD version. 

ODIS V2.23 software stored in USB flash disk version is available for £30.24 free shipping, which nee no active, works with more VAG models.  


ODIS V2.23 software stored in CD is available for £13.29 free shipping, which need active, works with less VAG models  


ODIS V2.23 software + best quality VAS5054A for £87.5+ shipping 


How to install ODIS 2.2.3 with U disk


Part 1: install The Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service

1) Insert USB Flash Disk into the computer and open the disk, you will see there are several file folders including "1Patch License", "52%Virtual drives", "PostSetup 6.20.25", "Setup" "VAS 5054A FIRMWARE UPGRADE" and zip file "52%Virtual drives". 


2) Open folder "Setup", right click "ODIS-S v2.3.3-RC360L Setup, select "Run as administrator".


3) When this window pops up, do not click "Cancel", let it automatically install


4) Select language, the available language is multiple choice. 


5) The Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service setup wizard, click "Next" 


6) Click untill you come to "Select the license file", click "Search" and select folder "1Patch License"- "license. txt", click "Open" to confirm, click "Next"




7) Click "Next" to automatically complete installing, then click finish to exit. 


Part 2: Copy and replace "OffboardDiagLauncher.exe"

1) Open folder "1Patch License", copy "OffboardDiagLauncher.exe", then go to the desktop and right click the yellow icon "OffboardDiagLauncher", select "Properties", click "Open File Location", then right click and paste the "OffboardDiagLauncher.exe" to replace the same name application. 


Part 3: Setup the Alcohol 52% 

1) Come to the U disk folder, right click "52%Virtual drives", open "Alcohol52" 


2) Select language, the availalbe language is only: German, English, Spanish, Italian


3) Click Next to setup the Alcohol 52%


4) Click next to agree license agreement, and click "OK" to restart your computer when a window pops up requiring the computer reboot.


5) After the computer reboot, select the install language among English, German, Spanish and Italian. 

6) Click "Next" for the Alcohol 52% Setup Wizard. 

7) Follow the prompt to click next until the the Alcohol 52% Setup Wizard complete, click "Finish".

8) There will be a blue icon named "Alcohol 52%" at the desktop. the Alcohol 52% will automatically open. Applying the Alcohol virtual devices settings, please wait... after the virtual devices appear, in the blank box right click " Add Images..." , open U disk folder, select folder "PostSetup 6.20.25", clickzip folder "PostSetup 6.20.25" and click "Open" to confirm. 




9) Click "Mount on Device"

10) Input ISO files, click "Open folder to view files" 


11) Open "Computer", open "BD-ROM Drive(H:) postsetup", click postsetup- Ddis - Trade-Retail" 



12) Open "Offboard Diagnostic Information System" at the desktop


13) Input Postsetup - Configuration data: firstly select URL directory, the way is to click "Select local directory" - "Computer" - "BD-ROM Drive(H:)postsetup" - "postsetup", then click "Ok". Then input user name "adc" and keyword "abc" in default, then continue.




Part 4: Diagnose

1) Open "Offboard Diagnostic Information System" to diagnose


2) Close "Alcohol 52%" window at bottom left corner

3) Open "BD-ROM Drive(H:)


Part 5: Check if the driver is installed and have good communicate with the computer.

Computer- Computer Management- Device Manager- Softing vehicle Interface - VAS5054, if you can see VAS5054, it means the driver is installed successfully.


Next step is to go on diagnosing. 


Done, hope it helps.

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