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Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 scanner available car list

Will Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 reset airbag lights SRS for all available car makes? You will find the answer here.

Autel Maxidiag scan tool itself is compatible with 4 versions: 4 system +DS model version, full system +DS model, 4 system version and full system version. Autel MD802 comes with different software for different car makers. Some car versions may access to full system, some may only do EPB (Electronic-Parking-Brake system) or oil reset. 



4 system: Engine, transmission, ABS and airbag

Full system: full car control modules 

DS model: DS=Data Stream function 


For detail system and vehicle version, please browse here and register at the official website

or check the detail car maker, software version and system available list below:


Vehicle Coverage: Include MD701, MD702, MD703 and MD704


Vehicle Make  Software version  System 

Vehicle Make-oftware version-System-1.png

Vehicle Make-oftware version-System-2.png

Vehicle Make-oftware version-System-3.png

Vehicle Make-oftware version-System-4.png

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