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Volvo Tech Tool 2.03/3.02 PTT download + setup+ activation

Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT Software 2.03/3.02 is latest software running with Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface


Many people feedback, they are concerned about where to download PPT 2.03, PPT 2.03 installation and activation. engineer  would like to answer these questions one by one in the following parts. 


Where to download PPT Software 2.03?

Browse this link to download PPT 2.03 all files:!MMEF0aRT!OcseZ1B70uYgbIOQYrr7VQ 


How to install and active PPT 2.03?

OS requirement: support Win 7 Professional or Ultratme

1. Copy all the downloaded files to usb-hard disk 

2. Unzip "Acronis Boot 2014.part1.rar" (need winara 5.0 above version)

3. Burn "Acronis Boot 2014.iso" into CD disc

4.Unzip Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.part01.rar, password: 

E29A11A8EE81DD9D1606BD83BBA26559, will get Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.tib

5. Insert acronic boot cd, boot laptop

6. Recovery -> choose Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.tib-> recovery to laptop harddisk

7. Reboot PC , now you will get ptt2.03 with new win7 system , then go to  install driver

8. Copy "TechToolCoreDevelopmentContent.rar" and 

"VCADSProDevelopmentContent.rar" to desktop

9. Send teamviewer id password for activation. 


More detailed pictures on PTT V2.03:

ptt settings-02.jpg



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