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Volvo VIDA Dice diagnostic scanner DiCE-0000 error (fixed)


After well installed Volvo VIDA 2014D/Super Volvo Dice pro on Win 7 laptop and connected DiCE unit with vehicle. The system was saying it found new hardware and install the driver. The Volvo Dice unit firmware status LED indicator was blinking red, and in the program VIDA the name is DiCE-000000 (normally it shows DiCE-206751 once well communicated).  DICE-000000 shows that the power input is 0V while it’s on a power supply.  Have checked the USB connection and it was OK. 



Here is the solution tried out by our customers:

1) Re-install VIDA software 

Removed dice related software / drivers in add/remove programs then re-install from original disk, plug dice in-to computer and re-install.


2) Update the firmware

User experience: I had similar problems with Vida Dice 2013A, but after firmware update all worked fine.

Disconnect DiCE unit (USB)

Re-connect the DiCE device (must be powered by 12V)

Use soft "Firmware Update" (by "Dice catalog in C:ProgramFiles/Dice)


2) Fix Volvo Vida DiCE firmware

Disclaimer: You are on your risk. We are not responsible for the damage. 

Re-program the CPU chip in Volvo DICE firmware PCB board


NOTE: only the CPU chip needs to be programmed. 

CPU chip has 144pin, probably marks Renasas and need E8A emulator


If all above methods or do not know how to reprogram CPU chip, please send back your VIDA DICE kit to use for repair.

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