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Ford/Mazda FMPC001 Incode calculator V1.4 free download

Good news! FMPC001 Ford and Mazda incode and outcode calculator, hand-held scanner released to V1.4. V1.4 Ford incode calculator can be free downloaded here:



1. Software version: V1.4

2. No need to install software, No PC, just plug-and-play 

3. No token limitation 

NOTE: For most vehicles, it does not need tokens. But for latest Ford Mondeo, Ford ESCORT, ford Mustang and so on, still need tokens. This machine comes with 50 tokens. After tokens are used up, you can buy tokens from us, 85USD for 50 tokens.

4. Support 6 digits OUTCODE transfer to 4 digits INCODE

5. Read pin code for Mazda 

6. Support old Ford Mazda:

Support old Ford Mazda convert from 6-digit code to 4-digit code, as well as support new models 2014 up, Ford3 2010 up, Kuga after 2014, Mondeo 2010 up and so on.


V1.4 Update (July, 23rd )

1) Add Ford new Modeo with color screen dash odometer correction (free)

2) Add Ford Escape with monochrome screen dash odometer correction (free)

3) Support Landrover Evoque odometer correction (free)

4) Support Range Rover sports odometer correction (free)

5) Support Land rover Freelander 2014 up odometer correction (free)

6) Change Land rover navigation system from English to Chinese (free)

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