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BMW ICOM A2 A1 FW1.38 files Download and Update


1)The reason to update BMW ICOM A2 / A1 firmware

If you want to run ISTA-D Rheingold 3.49.30 ISTA-P 55.4.000 on BMW ICOM A2/A1, you need to update firmware to the newest version (July, 2015 update).

Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: 01.24.00

Current APPLICATION IMAGE version: 01.38.01


2)Which specific version of BMW ICOM hardware to update firmware?

ICOM hardware is identified by item NO at 

Perfect vesion ICOM A: item NO SP168-BA and SP168-BO

Other version ofICOM A1, A2: item NO SP168-C, SP168-B, SP168 and SP168-D 

All available version of BMW ICOM and related software / parts list at: 


BMW ICOM A1/ A2 fw 01.38 / 01.24 free download: 


ICOM A2/A1 firmware update steps:

ICOM firmware V1.38 update Video at YouTube: 

And dailymotion at:  


Important Note:

To set your computer to automatically obtain IP address.  



1. Using internet cable to connect ICOM A2/A1 with computer, using 12V power adapter or connecting ICOM device with BMW to supply power for ICOM A2/A1. 


2. Extract ICOM A1 A2 fw 1.38 upgrade files.

perfect icom update-01.JPG

3. Open IE Internet Explorer, for perfect version ICOM (SP168-BA and SP168-BO), browse address, log in with username/password: root/NZY1150263; 

For other version of ICOM A2 A1 (NO SP168-C, SP168-B, SP168 and SP168-D), browse, the login username and password is the same. 


4. Click "Update Firmware", you will see ICOM firmware version information.

update firmware-03.JPG

update firmware-04.JPG

5. Click "Browse" to select file "ICOM-BootImage-01-24-00.bin", set image type as "SYSTEM", click "Send the file".

select file-05.JPG

6. When "Write the image file to the flash?" pops up, click "Yes", then ICOM indicator will turn red.

to flash-06.JPG

7. When "The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful" pops up, click "Update Firmware".

select file-08.JPG

8. Choose "ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-38-01.bin", set image type as "APPLICATION", click "Send the file", it will cost several minutes because the file is a little bit large. 

to flash-09.JPG

9. When "Write the image file to the flash?” pops up, click "Yes", then the ICOM indicator will turn red for the second times.

newest icom firmware version-10.JPG

10. When upgrade complete, click "reboot".

11. Click "Home" - "Update Firmware" to check whether ICOM A2 firmware update to the newest version:

Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: 01.24.00

Current APPLICATION IMAGE version: 01.38.01




Hope it helps. 

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