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How to configure RS232 convert cable of MB SD Connect C4

In some cases, Mercedes Benz SD Connect C4 diagnostic system owners will come across “Initialization of the multiplexer has failed” when installing the Star diagnosis software. 




And the most frequently reason to the problem is because the wrong/incorrect computer configuration.


If you did not get the Dell D630 laptop with SD Connect C4 and use your own laptop, make sure your laptop has COM port and strictly follow the software installation video instruction. 


If your laptop is not compatible with com port, you need to buy additional Z-TEK USB 1.1 to RS232 convert cable or PCMCIA PC COM port convert card. Because necessary com port setting is required during the software installation procedure. 


Z-TEK USB 1.1 to RS232 convert cable is the cheaper choice than PCMCIA PC card. Then how to configure RS232 convert cable for Star diagnosis multiplexer?


1. First do not start the Virtual machine 

2. Set the Z-TEK USB 1.1 to RS232 convert cable COM Port to “com 1”

3. Start the Virtual machine and remain the com port setting (do not set com port this time)


Or simply follow this way:

1. Do not run Star diagnostic software 

2. Turn on the computer 

3. Install Z-TEK USB 1.1 to RS232 convert diagnostic cable adapter driver and set com port to OCM1

4. Run Virtual machine and do not set com port again

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