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How to active the ECU Safe 2.0 software?

ECUsafe is a program that protects program in ECU against being read with all OBD flashers or programmers. You can write new program with any tool you want. But nobody can read your work via OBD or CAN.


ECU Safe 2.0 needs active before use. How to active the software, here is the instruction:

1) When you get this software, please copy it on your computer. And run it. (Installation is very easy. click it you will install it ready.)



2) After you install the software ready, you will get the ID, its format is like: 2M46N53K+Q3eGm998u/EwzfeWMk


3) Please send your ID and your order number to us. Then we will send the following files back to you: ECUsafe2.0 key, license


4) Put the two files to ECUsafe 2.0 software folder. Then run it again.


Attention: If your PC cannot run it succesfully, you need to change another PC or change to use our XP system.

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