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UPA USB No Programmers Connected to the USB Module Error

Here is the UPA USB device programmer “No Programmers Connected to the USB Module” error possible causes and proper solution provided to deal with the communication error. 



When installing UPA USB serial programmerV1.3.0.14 software on Win 7 operating system, the UPA software is well loaded, but the system give an error message when connect UPA USB programmer with computer:


No Programmers Connected to the USB Module


Error photo taken:



Possible reason:

1)Drive software issue 

2)Computer issue 

3)Device is damaged 


Proper solution:

1)Check if the UPA USB driver is correctly and well installed which means UPA USB V1.3.014 software can only works with corresponding UAP USB device (green color). Do not load UPA V1.2, V1.3 software with UPA USB V1.3.0.14 full adapter hardware. Otherwise, the system will not detect the driver. 

2)Change another laptop running Win XP operating system and re-install the software 

If the above procedure is done properly, your UPA USB ECU programmer is damaged. Send your main unit back to your dealer for repair.

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