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VAS 5054A ODIS 2.2.3 and Postsetup 6.2.2 Free download

VAS 5054A ODIS/VAS-PC diagnostic software for VAG group (VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat) has released to the current V2.2.3. Here are the free download resources of ODIS V2.2.3 and ODIS-E Postsetup 6.2.2. 


Computer Requirements:

-O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7

-CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1 GHz or higher

-RAM: 512 MB of system memory

-Hard Drive: 60 GB of available space



Vas 5054a ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic Information System) V2.2.3 crack

Vas 5054a ODIS-1.jpg

Vas 5054 ODIS-E Postsetup engineering software 6.2.2

Vas 5054a ODIS-2.jpg

NOTE: We are not responsible for the free download crack and postsetup. If you need legal and save ODIS 2.2.3 software, please order here. 

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Vas 5054a ODIS-3.jpg

Vas 5054a ODIS-4.jpg

Vas 5054a ODIS-5.jpg

Vas 5054a ODIS-6.jpg

VAS 5054 ODIS 2.2.3 Video Instruction


VAS 5054a 2.2.3 ODIS software installation blog


1) Install odis 2.2.3 + postsetup 6.2.2 follow guide

2) Install drivers/VAS 5054A FIRMWARE UPGRADE / D-PDU API'S / D-PDU_API V1.20.23

3) VAS 5054a firmware patch- rewrite folder VAS5054a of the archive in C:ODISPDUAPIVEN-SOFTING1.20.023VeCom/VAS5054

4) Connect VAS5054a PC with USB locate drivers

5) Pair your computer with a Bluetooth VAS5054A with OKI chip find hwconfig




Q1: Can VAS PC and ODIS co-exist on the same Windows installation? 

A1: Yes, you can. In the ODIS will start the selection start ODIS or VAS-PC (one Window). 


Q2: What’s the difference between ODIS and VAS PC?

A2: ODIS is new software and VAS-PC is older software for vas 5054a interface. 


Q3: What is the difference of Odis and ODIS-E PostSetup?

A3: ODIS-E Postsetup is engineering software of ODIS. With it you can make much more as with the odis (service/dealer) version. It supports directly diagnose and update/flash ECU


Q4: I installed odis and it ask me for user name and password when I am doing diagnosis. ODIS have installed license? 

A4: If license is not installed your ODIS requires Admin and password. 


Q5: Hi, I install the ODIS 2.2.3 version, but the PostSetup configuration data input program says its not the right path /url for the poststetup and can´t find any data.

Vas 5054a ODIS-7.jpg

A5: Two solution provided: 


1)Change the the "postsetup" folder name to : "updates"

2)Then change folder name "Odis" to "ODIS_Engineering".



1).Create Odis_Engineering folder in the root of C://.

2).Extract postsetup.iso

3).Copy Trade-Retail folder to Odis_Engineering, the way should be с:/Odis_Engineering/Trade-Retail/software/postsetup/6.2.2/site.xml

4).Install Link Shell Exstension. 

5).Right click site.xml file in с:/Odis_Engineering/Trade-Retail/software/postsetup/6.2.2 folder, choose Pick Link Source from menu.

6).Go to C://, right click anywhere and choose Drop As../Hardlink clone

7).Try to install postsetup again, the way should be root of C.

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