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Pair vas 5054a ODIS Bluetooth and change Bluetooth PIN

VAS 5054A ODIS with OKI Chip for VAG group VW AUDI SKODA SEAT (support UDS Protocol) updated to the latest 2.23 with Bluetooth. Following are the instructions on pairing vas 5054 Bluetooth and changing Bluetooth PIN.


How to pair vas 5054a ODIS interface Bluetooth?

1.Connect vas 5054 cable into computer via USB port, wait the system to found “Found New Hardware”


2.Double click the Bluetooth icon at the button corner of your computer. Then a dialog icon will appear below, click “Add”


3.Click Next 


4.Wait the system to detect Bluetooth device, select “vas5054


5.Choose “Use the passkey found in the manual” and enter Bluetooth password, click Next 


6.Installing Bluetooth device


7.Adding Bluetooth successfully, click Bluetooth COM PORT, must be set to COM4 


8. Pairing Bluetooth is completed. Click “OK”




How to check which COM port is assigned to my VAS 5054A?

If you are using the Bluetooth software supplied with Windows XP Service Pack 2, open the Bluetooth settings by selecting Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel. Click “COM Ports” tab where displays a list of Bluetooth COM ports. The outgoing COM port to the VAS 5054A is the one assigned.


ⅡHow to change vas 5054a Bluetooth PIN?

The VAS 5054A OBD2 tool is delivered with the Bluetooth PIN preset to the 9-digit numeric serial number of the device. You need to change the Bluetooth PIN according to Volkswagen specifications before using the interface. The PIN must consist of at least 6 characters comprising letters and numbers (or special characters). 


1) Connect VAS 5054a interface with computer via USB or Bluetooth connection. Better to connect via USB. Choose the right COM ports you connected to. 



If you do not know the PIN of the VAS 5054A ODIS, you cannot connect via Bluetooth. 


2) Click Start menu on windows. Select “Diagnostic Interface Configuration Utility” program 


3) The PIN protects Bluetooth devices from unauthorized access. When you change the PIN, you have to enter the new PIN in your Bluetooth software as well. The Bluetooth software will prompt you for the new PIN when well communication is built. 


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