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How to update and activate TM100 key programmer

TM100 is a universal auto key programmer that is able to cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies. Following are the instructions on TM100 software activation, update and authorization online. 


1) Activating TM100 key programmer 

Open software CD 

Click Help Tab 

Click About 


After well communicating with TM100, the system will run an online activation. The system will display how many days remaining 


2) Updating TM100 Key pro 

Press Close button, you will be able to check the TM100 key pro hardware and software version information 


Click 【Update Software】button 

Downloading new software from server and it will take several minutes, please wait 

After that the system will display a windows prompting “File was downloaded successfully, please save your work”, click YES to update 

Update is processing 

Back to software main menu 

Click Help tab 

Click About to check the software that has been upgraded 


3) TM100 online authorization

Click Tool tab on the main menu 

Select 【Install New Modules】option 


TM100 is rebooting 

Licensed modules were installed successfully 

Ready to carry out function, read pin codes, key learn, etc 

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