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Toyota Rav4 2013 Key, how to read these ImmoBox case

I try on toyota rav4 year 2014 X100+ key programmer with option G chip reset and add H chip without problem after 20 min for reset immo. 


But, someone has already programmed the key to this Toyota Rav4 2013. It uses the chip H someone how to read these ImmoBox case?

ImmoBox case-1.jpg

ImmoBox case-2.jpg

I ordered new immo box yesterday because no answer and I should deliver the car.

I have avdi but dont have yhe function TN005 but I think even x-100 or ck-100 key pro can add it if its new box. There is no chip 56r on the location ic4 it came empty.


Finally, I solve my problem before getting the new immo i put the immo of a rav4 2010 G-type and connect the ring of the old model also by wiring to the immo cuz ring of 2013 cant read the g type key and i did reset 5 and 13 and them start the car.

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