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VAS 5054A Audi VW V2.2.3 ODIS software installation

VAG VAS 5054a Bluetooth diagnostic scanner ODIS software has upgraded to current V2.2.3 (2.23) version that works on Volkswagen and imported VW& Audi models. Following is the detail V2.2.3 ODIS installation instruction on Windows 7 operating system. 


Operating system: Win XP/Win 7 


1)Create new folder 

Open My Computer>>D://

Create a new folder and name it “audi-vw-odis2.2.3”

Copy “VW audi ODIS2.2.3.part1” setup and paste it to the new created folder 

Eject DVD Driver (F:) you will get VW audi ODIS2.2.3.part2, copy it to the new created folder 

Eject DVD Driver(F:) again, you will get AUDI-VW ODIS2.2.3 license and part3 setup, copy both of them to the new created folder 

Check the filer that contains these four files 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-1.jpg

Select AUDI-VW ODIS 2.2.3 part1.past2 and part3, extract them to a folder and rename the folder “ODIS 2.23”

Cut AUDI-VW ODIS 2.2.3 part1.past2 and part3 


2) Install vas 5054 ODIS setup 

Open My Computer >>D://>> “audi-vw-odis2.2.3”>> “ODIS 2.23”>> VWAUDIODIS 2.2.3>>dav>>Odis>>Trade-Wholesale>>software>>installation 

Copy ODIS-Sv2.2.3-RC320L-Setup to C://

Open and run ODIS-Sv2.2.3-RC320L-Setup on C://

Select software language 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-2.jpg

Follow system prompt to save file to disk C

Search license at D:// audi-vw-odis2.2.3//AUDI-VW ODIS 2.2.3-License//license//license.dat

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-3.jpg

Install Microsoft Visual C++2005 

Finish installing Setup Wizard


3) Activate & Configure ODIS V2.2.3 software 

Open “AUDI-VW ODIS2.2.3 license” on D://, copy and replace “OffboardDiagLauncher” on the desktop

Open “OffboardDiagLauncher” on the desktop, copy hardware ID and send the activation ID to the related salesman for activation

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-4.jpg

Paste the activation registration name and activation key from salesman, click Register 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-5.jpg

Configure data input. Click “Select local directly” and locate Local Disk D://audi-vw-odis2.2.3//ODIS2.2.3//dav

Enter User Name: abc and keyword, press continue button 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-6.jpg

Update check results 

Software is loading, you will be able to check the new software information

Exit the software main program 


4) Connect vas 5054a 

Connect VAS 5054a Bluetooth scanner with vehicle and computer 

Open My computer>>Device Manager>>Softing Vehicle Interface>>VAS5054, to check the well communication is built 

Open “OffboardDiagLauncher” on the desktop 

Select “Start diagnosis” on the main function menu 

Turn vehicle ignition to ON

VAS 5054a ODIS software will automatically detect vehicle information, select vehicle version and engine type to continue 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-7.jpg

Check the control unit 


5) Bluetooth matching 

Install device driver software 

Find out Bluetooth connection on the right bottom corner of the system 

Click Add a Device 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-8.jpg

Select VAS5054 interface to add to the computer 

Select the device’s pairing code 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-9.jpg

Bluetooth connection is well built, the device is ready to use 


6) Configure hardware 

Open ODIS Service Diagnostic Interface Configuration on the desktop 

Press Add EDIC button

Select EDIC to install VAS5054 from the drop down list 

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-10.jpg

Select COM port as COM4

vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software-11.jpg

Software installation procedure is complete, start to diagnose vehicle with vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software 

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