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Corolla 2012 G type add key


I did many Corolla G type before and always success to add a key on corolla 2011-2012 and it allways gscan asked for any working key, but now i get error "not a master key".


Optional solution one:

Add key no need immobox if u have Toyota Techstream, try using Techstream is better than x100. 

Techstream can't reset immo. 


When you get error "not a master key", try to read pg1 and see. 

You need master key, you can check it by insert key in switch ,if immo light goes immediately its master , if not its valid and need to get immo out.


Optional solution two:

I have done many of these Toyota G keys when all key lost, you need to remove the whole dash to retrieve the Immo box which has 93C66 , writing Master G key by Tango key programmer to start car. You can add key only when you have master key. I was told that in USA you can reset the Immo using MVP Key Programmer, but it is only for USA.


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