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How to Run 2015.1 BMW ICOM Software on Win8 OS

2015.1 BMW ICOM ISTA-D 3.46.30 ISTA-P support engineer programming for ICOM, ICOMA2 and other compatible devices. This engineer programming software has English, Russian and German version, meanwhile it is compatible to run on PC / Laptop with Win8 OS.


The following writeup is about how to run this 2015.1 BMW ICOM software on Win8, please check carefully.

1. First to insert D-Link;

2. Boot up PC / Laptop;

3. Double click "ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools" shortcuts, wait for about 20 seconds to activate the software;

BMW ICOM software.jpg

4. Select Wifi for ICOM (Only click once);

5. At this time, use mobile phone to search Wifi, if D-Link activates, it will show you the Wifi name "ISAP";

6. Connect ICOM with vehicle;

7. When ICOM System Light cease to flash and WLAN Light keep on after flash for a few seconds, which means a full connection between ICOM and PC / Laptop.

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