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How to Reprogram Mileage for Renault Avantime Using Tacho Pro 2008

Tacho Pro 2008 July PLUS Universal Dash Programmer is worldwide digital speedometers programming device served almost any vehicles, feature flexibility in use and Multi-language, being welcome in the after-market. 



912 Connector for Tacho Pro 2008 July device; 

Tacho Pro 2008 July PLUS Universal Dash Programmer

Tacho Pro 2008-1.jpg

Follow step-by-step guide below to do:

1: Remove and disassemble the speedometer;

2: Locate the processor;

Tacho Pro 2008-2.jpg

3: Solder the cable as the picture;

Tacho Pro 2008-3.jpg

4: Connect the plug 912 with the Tacho Pro Universal;

5: Select "speedometer" in the Tacho Universal;

6: The Tacho Universal shows you the old mileage data;

7: Enter the new mileage data;

8: Confirm the new mileage data with OK.



Speedometer and BSI have stood with the same miles when programmed.

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