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How to use Lexia-3 PP2000 XS Evolution to Program New Keys for Peugeot

Lexia-3 PP2000 XS Evolution with Diagbox V7.57 is an auto diagnostic tool that supports read identification and read fault codes (for normal use) etc. for most of Citroen and Peugeot vehicles from 1995 to 2013, while here I would like to show you how to program Peugeot new keys with Leixa-3. 


Attention: PIN Code is required during key programming procedure. Record your vehicle PIN code first.


Procedure to program Peugeot new keys:

1.Install and activate Lexia 3 xs Evolution PP2000 V25 diagnostic software.

2.Select vehicle model 307 and wait until the well communication built.

3.Check the entering vehicle information.

program Peugeot new keys-1.jpg

4.Select the application as "Peugeot Plant 2000" and confirm it.

program Peugeot new keys-2.jpg

5.Select test by ECU;

6.Choose "Built-in systems interface";

program Peugeot new keys-3.jpg

7.The system is reading the ECU in progress, follow and accept the windows prompts.

8.Select "Learning" option under carry out the tests menu display.

program Peugeot new keys-4.jpg

9.Select "Programming of keys";

program Peugeot new keys-5.jpg

10.The system will display key programming procedure when activation process is completed. Confirm to continue;

11.Confirm Unlocking the E.C.U program;

12.Manually enter the "Confidential code" (PIN Code).

program Peugeot new keys-6.jpg

13.The system is verifying the PIN code.If the code is correct, the built-in systems interface is ready for programming of keys;

14.Enter the key number to be learnt. The number of keys to be programmed cannot exceed 5.

program Peugeot new keys-7.jpg

15.Follow the screen prompt to switch off the ignition

16.Then switch ignition to ON within 15 seconds.

program Peugeot new keys-8.jpg

17.Key programmed, switch off the ignition and take out the key.

program Peugeot new keys-9.jpg

18.Switch ignition ON again and insert the next key in the ignition. Repeat the key programming procedure to program another key. When complete programming, the system will display keys that are programmed.

program Peugeot new keys-10.jpg

19.Follow the screen instructions.Check the handbrake is on. For an automatic gearbox, check the gear level is in position "P". For a manual gearbox, check that the gear level is in neutral;

20.Follow the re-synchronies the HF remote controls procedure to operate until the "End of key programming procedure" notice displays. Exit the program.

program Peugeot new keys-11.jpg


Another Lexia-3 xs Evolution (SP08-D), while the Lexia-3 above is SP08-C;


What are the differences for SP08-C Lexia-3 and SP08-D Lexia 3?

1. SP08-C Lexia 3 is made by original chip. It is more stable;

2. SP08-C Lexia 3 support Peugeot 307 models, but not good for Citroen C5, while SP08-D Lexia 3 does Not support Peugeot 307 and Citroen C5;

3. SP08-D Lexia 3 has one more cable than SP08-C Lexia 3.

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