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New firmware KESS V2 OBD2 tuning kit Error solution

V2.11 KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version is the newest kess with Firmware V4.036. Support much more ecu list than old version. It has Unlimited token version,

Here is some error solution for KESS V2 that our customer meet when usage.


Recent days, one of our customer use new V2.11 KESS V2 with V4.036 firmware, he find after 21 times the device is write locked, and All windows are gray He get error prompt "Caution:. Must have a programming in the next 9 Update done. Connect the device to the internet and they drove the update as soon as possible. "When you meet this problem, what should you do?



Never connect internet and update the tool when you use this k-suite software

1) Download this V2.11 KESS V2 With V4.036 firmware tokens reset program and tool program.

2) Follow the How to reset V2.11 KESS V2 With V4.036 firmware tokens video step by step. Then you will solve this problem.

Attention: Please use the software rightly Then you will not meet problem..

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