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FVDI Commander for VAG Dongle Functions and Usage

FVDI Commander for VAG is PC - based diagnostic and programming system that designed for VAG --- VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda with multi-language.


Newest Version: V24

Computer requirement: Windows XP only


With Dongle, FVDI ABRITES Commander for VAG can help you realize online programming functions include:

1. Audi A6 / A7 key learning;

2. Modify the chassis number for Audi A6 / A7

3. Remove the element protection of Audi A4 / A5 / A6 / A8 / Q5 / Q7 (. Besides, change the engine computer, sound, Electric Control modules and so on All needs this function to match);

4. Audi A8, VW Touareg kessy module matching

5. BMW CAS3, encrypt CAS 3+ key matching

6. Benz Mileage adjustment


Dongle has the following requirement for computer:

This dongle need to work together with FVDI software If your computer can run FVDI software successfully, then your system will support this dongle Your computer need has at least 2 USB port:.. One connect FVDI main unit, one connect dongle (Note.: Your computer need connect with internet).


What FVDI Dongle supports to do?

Open the software;

FVDI Commander for VAG-1.png

Click your aimed car model icon, there will appear FVDI Dongle, log on the right button of your computer, please check below: (Note: if you can see the logo below, which mean the Dongle software is normally workable)

FVDI Commander for VAG-2.png

Connect the Dongle with FVDI, and also connect with your PC;

FVDI Commander for VAG-3.png

Select the software for different vehicle models and then follow the prompt to do;


NOTE:. If software prompts you to "connect with TAG adapter", you need to remove the dongle from the main unit, then connect TAG adapter with main unit After you program the chips ready, you can connect the main unit with dongle.

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