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Solved MB SD Connect C4 No Connection Error Code (506)

If you come across the error code 506 when used MB SD Connect C4 for diagnosis, how you can do to solve the problem?

Error Code 506:SDconnect is accessible and has no connection to another diagnosis computer No SD connect is selected or the desired SDconnect can not be selected.

MB SD Connect C4-1.jpg

Here is a solution (derived from Obdexpress Engineer) that previously solved the same problem for me Please check the following guide step-by-step.;

1. Connect with neighborhood connection and check IP address setting, do as follows:

Click Neighborhood Connection;

Right click and select Properties;

Internet Protocol (TCP / IP);

Choose Properties;

Set IP address as;

MB SD Connect C4-2.jpg

Click Ok;

2. Set wireless connection after geographic area connection settings is finished.

For the right corner of the desktop click SDconnect Icon;

Access SDconnect Toolkit Administration;

Click Register / configure;

Select name 04;

Check off WLAN parameters, road;

IP address set as;

Key - enter aaa ... (Totally 26 a)

Click Start.

MB SD Connect C4-3.jpg

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