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Tell you how to install JLR SDD V139 software

1) Insert JLR Mangoose Pro CD into your laptop, go to My Computer and open disk named "SDD_DVD139_FULL (E :)".

2) Inside the disk you will find two files "MongoosePro drivers" and "PATCH", copy and paste them to the desktop.

JLR Mangoose Pro-1.png

1) Open "MongoosePro drivers" file on the desktop and right click on "drivers for MongoosePro JLR" and select "Install". The installation of its driver will start.

2) Click "Next", select "I accept" and then click "Next".

3) Click "Next", click "Install", click "OK", click "Finish".

4) Open "SDD_DVD137_FULL (E :)"

5) Select language and then click "Next".

6) Click "Yes" to restart the computer.

7) Click "OK", click "Next", select "I accept", click "Next", select "I have read", click "Next", click "install"

8) Installing KB932823 and a window will pop up, click "Yes" to restart the computer.

9) Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for SDD, click "OK", click "Next".

10) Select "I accept ..."

11) Select "I have read and understand ..."

12) Select Drive "C"

13) Click "Next", click "Install".

14) Now you will get a window "Would you like ActivateCGM to be the default TIF viewer?" Select "Yes" and then click "Finish".

JLR Mangoose Pro-2.png

15) Open SDD_DVD139_FULL (E :) "disk.

16) Double click "SDD_DVD139.01", click "OK".

17) Click "Finish".

18) Open "VDF_J_DVD139_V5 (E :)" disk.

19) Double click "VDF_J_DVD139_V5".

20) Select the language for installation and click "Next".

21) Click "Finish".

22) Open "SDD_SPA_LDVD139 (E :)", double click "SPA_DVD139_V1", click "OK", wait for a few minutes, click "Finish".

23) Double click "VDF_L_DVD139_V5", click "Next", click "Finish".

24) Open the PATCH file, then the "1 Run Patch", double click "JLRPatch_EN", click "Start", click "OK".

JLR Mangoose Pro-3.png

25) Connect JLR Mangoose V139 hardware to the laptop and you will get a "Found New Hardware Wizard" window.

26) Click "Next", click "Finish".

27) Open "Computer Management" and check for "MangoosePro JLR J2534 Interface" to make sure the IDS JLR driver is installed.

28) Open "JLR SDD".

29) Click the start icon to login.

30) Select language, town / city and dealer name, and then click "Continue".

JLR Mangoose Pro-4.png

31) Click "Continue" and then "Manual VIN Read".

32) Restart the laptop.

33) Open JLR SDD software, click to login, and click "Continue", "Manual VIN Read" and then "Read" to automatically read the VIN.

34) Click "Identify Vehicle", select instrument cluster, click "Save".

35) The JLR SDD V139 installation is finished.

JLR Mangoose Pro-5.png

Video tutorial is more vivid:


V139 JLR Mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover Support Cars till 2014:

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