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Super VAG 3.0 ISCANCAR Scanner Update Instructions

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner is a handheld (No need connection with PC) diagnostic tool used for almost all VW and Audi via several protocols, including KWP1281 (K-Line), KWP2000 (K-Line) and KPW6000 (CAN). 


Here share ISCANCAR VAG Code Scanner Update Tips:

To begin with, you need to download . 

Note: Do not pull out USB connection line or shut off computer power supply;


Video Guide:


1. To begin with, make sure connection with internet;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-1.png

2. Unzip “ISCANCAR2 Online Update Tool” and to open the file;

Then extract “ft232” zip in the “ISCANCAR2 Online Update Tool” file;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-2.png

3. Connect ISCANCAR device with PC via USB connection line;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-3.png

4. Then it will automatically found new hardware for installation;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-4.png

5. Select “ft323” file as best location path;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-5.png

6. Finish.

7. To see whether a good connection between ISCANCAR device and computer;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-6.png

8. Run ISCANCAR Update Tool V1.25; 

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-7.png

9. Click the button (mark red) to start online update;

ISCANCAR Trouble Code Scanner-8.png

10. Wait for update successfully; it needs to take around 10 minutes to finish the whole process.

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