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How to get GM Tech 2 code

As a motor vehicle owner, you need to make use of car Diagnostic Tools. They can quickly diagnosis your motor vehicle. Such as CK-100, Multi-cardiag m8, GM Tech2 are common of obd2 applications. You also require to learn ways to use them.

For example, how to get the GM Tech 2 code? GM Tech 2 scanner is necessary to retrieve the codes. The first, place the paper clip in the far top-right terminals, turn the ignition key to the "on" position, and make note of the check engine light flashes. Then count the number of flashes in sequence between pauses. Each code consists of two numbers. The number 12 will always flash first. It will flash each code three times and move on to the next code.

Remove the paper clip when all the codes are retrieved and turn off the ignition. Cross-reference this obd2 tool with the link below. It is easy to receive GM Tech 2 code; you can try to do it by yourself.

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